This is a list of collections databases and searchs on Shakerpedia

  1. Watervliet Cemetery Records ([MOREdetails ])

  2. Journals from Harvard and Shirley ([MOREdetails ])

  3. Journals transcribed by Betty (Elizabeth) Shaver at Shaker Heritage Society, Watervliet, NY ([MOREdetails ])

  4. public Search of Historical Dictionary of the Shakers By Stephen J. Paterwic ([MOREdetails ])

  5. Search of journals of Phebe Ann Buckingham ([MOREdetails ])

  6. Search of Richmond 'Shaker Literature Bibliography' ([MOREdetails ])

  7. Search volumes 1-3 of 'Guides to the HSV Library' ([MOREdetails ])

  8. Index to Western Reserve Microfilm ([MOREdetails ])

  9. Cathcard Index ([MORE details])