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Brooms, Looms and Flumes: Unioon Village Industries Sharon Edwards 1993 Student of Shaker history and culture Show
New Thoughts on Shaker Architecture A. Donald Emerich 1994 Student of Shaker architecture, history and culture Show
Points of View: The Exhibition of Shaker Objects in Museums Settings A. Donald Emerich 1999 Show
Mt.Lebanon Rob Emlen 1978en Author Shaker Village Views Show
Dating the Alfred drawing of Elder Joshua Bussell Rob Emlen 1980B Show
A New Look at Some Old Maps and Vistas of Canterbury Shaker Village Rob Emlen 1982 Show
Iconography of Shaker Life Rob Emlen 1989 Show
Tour of Shirley, MA Correctional Instution Shaker buildings Sandy Famsworth 1981 Tour director and professional artist Show
An Initroduction to the Shaker Community at Shirley Sandy Famsworth 1987 Show
Tour guide for Shirley site tour Sandy Famsworth 1994 Show
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