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Alternative Worlds: Shaker, Owenite and Rappite Kit Cress 1986 Show
A Visit to Pleasant HIll Jean Dones 1980A Show
The Pleasant Hill Shakers Jean Dones 1986 Show
The Restoration Projects of Pleasant Hill Jean Dones 1988 Show
A Shaker Seminar Retrospective: Celebrating Our 25th Annivesary Year Jean Dones 1999 Show
Shaker Publications Cheri Dorschner 1980A Show
Shaker Publications Cheri Dorschner 1980B Show
The LOwer Canaan Shaker Family Anna Mary Dunton 1984 Show
Bath Guide John Ede 1995A Show
Life in Eighteenth Century Bath: Bath's Fashionble Society John Ede 1995A Show
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