Topic First Last Year Area Item actions
Betty Rice 1991 Seminar Planning Committee Show
Diana Van Kolken 1994-8 Seminar Planning Committee Show
Herb Wisbey 1985B Seminar Planning Committee Show
Margaret McGee 1991 Seminar Planning Cimmittee Show
Roger Hall 1985B Seminar Music Consultant Show
Viola Hess 1989 Seminar Co-director for Enfield, NH Show
Tour guide, Enfield, NH Wendell Hess 1989 Seminar Co-Director for Enfield, H Show
Author, Author: Perils and Pitfalls of Publishing in the Field of Shaker Studies panel disc. Fran Kramer 1991 Seminar Associated Director Show
The Meeting Houses of Moses Johnson Wendell Hess 1992 Seminar Associate Director; Planning Committee Show
Sr.Frances Carr 1988 Seminar Associate Director Show
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