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Comings and Goings at the Harvard Shaker Village David Fay 2003 Show
Valentine Rathbun David Newell 2009 Show
Canterbury Shakers I Have Known Darryl Thompson 1989 Canterbury, NH Show
Shaker Originated Fruits and Vegetable Varieties Darryl Thompson 1996 Supervisor in training at Canterbury Shaker Village Show
A Childhood Among the Canterbury Shakers Darryl Thompson 2002 Show
A Smaller View of Shaker: Reflections on Twenty years of Collecting Minitures Darlene Kohrman 1998 Math education specialist at Kalamazoo Community College, Portage, MI Show
Shaker Barns in Context: A Comparison of Shaker Barns with Contemporary Barns of the Period Daniel Fink 1991 Professor of Art, Sunny Geneseo; author of Barns of the Genesee Country Show
Welcome to newly constructed Moses Johnson Shaker Meeting House Dana Robes 1992 Dana Robes Wood Craftsmen, Enfield, NH Show
Music Program Dan Eastman 1983 Musician; antiques dealer; Cornish, NH Show
Iconography in the Shaker Journals of harvey Eads and Oliver Hampton Dale Covington 1993 Student of Shaker history Show
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