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A Converstaion with the Shakers Br.Arnold Hadd 1985B Seminar Planning Committee Show
Shaker Cooking and Herbs with Sr.f. Carr Br.Arnold Hadd 1985B Show
Historic Shaker Women Br.Arnold Hadd 1987 Show
The Shaker Community at Alfred, ME Br.Arnold Hadd 1988 Seminar Planning Committee Show
Elder Elisha Pote of Sabbathday Lake Br.Arnold Hadd 1988 Show
How Much Are They Deceived Who They Think That Mother's Dead: The Ongoing Testimony of Mother Ann Br.Arnold Hadd 1995B Show
And So I Keep My Way Ever Holy Br Arnold Hadd 2014 An Overview of Shakerism Show
The Factory: The Woolen Mills of Watervliet, Ohio Bill Mooney 2005 Show
Shaker Textiles Beverly Gordon 1983 Author Shaker Textiles Arts; Madison, WI Show
Bev Reynolds 1991 Seminar Planning Committee Show
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