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'Hope On - work ever': The Valley Forge Owenite Community and the Shakers Steve Paterwic 2012 Show
Reflections on Writing Shaker History Stephen J. Stein 1993 Chair, Dept. Religious Studies, Indiana Univ. Bloomington; author The Shaker Expeience in America Show
A Candid Look at Shaker Population Trends after 1850: A Shift to Northern New England and the Resultant Controversies Stephen J. Paterwic 2004 Show
Reflections on a Second Edition of the Shaker Experience Stephen J. Stein 2005 Show
Shaer Image & Influence: A UK Perspective Stephen Bowe 1995A Show
Mother Ann Lee Stephen Marini 1987 Professor of religion, Wellesley College;author Radical Sects of Revolutionary New England Show
A Shaker Song Sampler song master Stephen Marini 1994 Show
Wolves and Angels in the 'Valley of God's Pleasure ': The Shaker Era of Manifestations and the Reassertion of Outsiderho Stephen Taysom 2004 Show
The Mystery of the Great Departure at Tyringham, Unmasked! Stephen Paterwic 2006 Show
Mount Lebanon's Gifts to the Western New York Shakers Stephen Paterwic 2008 Show
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