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Shaker Music & the Music of Eighteenth Centurty & Early Nineteenth Century America Mitzi Collins 1990 Owner, Sample Records, Rochester, NY Show
The Essence of Shaker Music Mitzi Collins 1993 President of Sample Records Show
Mitzi Collins 1993 Seminar Shaker Music Resource Consultant Show
Polly Reid: A Shaker Life Rachel Coffey 1998 Intern, Hancock Shaker Village Show
The Archaeology of Shaker Sites Michael Coe 1985A Professor of Anthropolgy Show
The Rise of Pleasant Hill Thomas D. Clark 1979 History Professor Emeritus, Univ. of KY Show
Shaker Songs, Music Notations & Singing: Where East Meets West Donald Christenson 1993 Lecturer in music, Ohio State University Show
Shaker Bridge Heritage Frances Child 1989 Show
Angels in Verse & Vision Sr.Karlyn Cauley 1996 Member, Sister of the Divine Savior, Milwaukee, WI Show
Retrospective of Shaker Inspired Drawings Sr.Karlyn Cauley 1994 Show
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