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An Introduction to the Artist and His Work Constantine Kermes 1988 Professional artist whose work focuses on Shaker, Amish and Orthodox themes;Lancaster, PA Show
An introduction to the forthcoming revision of Amy Bess Miller's Book Shaker Medicinal Herbs Deborah Burns 1998 Show
An Introduction to the Groveland Fran Kramer 1991 Show
An Introductioon to the Watervliet Shaker Community: Dutch Influences on the Shakers Ned Pratt 1998 Show
An Overview of the Canterbury Obituary Journal Etta Madden 1996 Professor of English, Southwest Missouri State Univ., Springfield, MO Show
An Uncharted Union: The Shakers, the Amana Inspirationists and the Legacy of the French Prophets Dr. Peter Hoehnle 2004 Show
And So I Keep My Way Ever Holy Br Arnold Hadd 2014 An Overview of Shakerism Show
Angels Emblems workshop Sr.Karlyn Cauley 1996 Show
Angels in Verse & Vision Sr.Karlyn Cauley 1996 Member, Sister of the Divine Savior, Milwaukee, WI Show
Ann Lee As Seen From a British Perspective Vern Squire 2001 Show
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