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The Shakers and the Shawnees in the Old Northwest John Silvano 2001 Show
The Shakers and the Oneida Community Mario dePillis 1985A Professor, Dept, of History, Univ of MA, Amherst Show
The Shakers and Other Religous Communal Groups Herb Wisbey 1977 Show
The Shakers - Where They Were and What's Left Herb Wisbey 1980A Show
The Shakers & Thomsonian Medicine Martha Boice 1988 Show
The Shaker Understanding of The Book of Revelation Karen Campbell 1998 Pastoral Associate of Religious Education, St. Joseph Catholic Community, Westminster, MD Show
The Shaker Tavern John Campbell 1983 Director, Shakertown at South Union, KY Show
The Shaker Stocking Yarn Factory at Watervliet, OH Marjorie McGraw 1986 Interpreter, Patterson Homestead Museum of Montgomery County Historical Society, Dayton, Oh; co-author Shaker Paper Dolls Show
The Shaker Seminar Now My Dear Companions, Lets Move On Sharon Koomler 1999 Seminar Programing Planning Committee Show
The Shaker Pottery Industry: Adding Another Industry to the Shakers' Repertoire Jessica Thress 2012 Show
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