References in the Cemetery records generally refer to journals in the collection from Eliz. Shaver.
These are largely from Microfilm in the NYS Library as listed below.
Many are copies of reel from Western Reserve Historical Society as listed further below.

New York Historical Society, microfilms of Shaker Manuscript
Collection, 1780-1952:
Reel 1 Journal 1830-1839
Reel 2 Journal 1839-1850 365pp
Reel 3 Journal 1850-1859 343pp
Reel 4 Register of Events, 1859-1874 645pp
Reel 5 Ministry Journal 1874-1890
Reel 6 Records
Reel 7 Records 1780-1855 604pp
Reel 11 Diary, Anna White 1855-1873
Reel 12 Ten Seances, 1878 with Eddy
Reel 13 Communications with Spirit Friends
Reel 20 North Family Records 1814-1910
Reel 32 Histories of lives of Shaker maryrs
Reel 49 Watervliet Covenant, 1832-1905
Reel 90 Autograph album of Frieda Sipple, 1881-1898
Reel 93 Autograph album of Isabella Graves, 1879-1893
Reel 113h Instructions for men's socks
Reel 113i Instructions for young female clothing
Reel 124 Photographs

		*** Ques ***
#298, David's Journal
325 WF
AB Journals
According to Dale Covington, 1995
Ibid., p. 79

Filley, Boettcher
Filley's notes
Filley's research

Name referenced Journals:
	Anna Goeppers Journals
	Ann Buckingham Journals
	Isaac Anstatt's Journal
	Jesse Wells' Journal
	Jethro Turner's Journal
	Freegift Wells Journal
	Lucy Bowers' Diaries
	Rachel McDonald's Journal
	Harriet Bullard's Journal

	DAB - David Buckingham Journal
	PAB - Phebe Ann Buckingham's Journal

	*** Unknown ***

MK-15304 #1121,Groveland Journal
MK 15304 #6651
MK 15304, Groveland Journal

	** Document references **
Somer "Shaker Seed Industry"

Andrews, "People Called Shakers,"
Andrews "Shaker Furniture" p. 110
Assembly Bill #198, 2 April 1849

   Boettcher Alvin P 1946 Map Property divisions in the Shaker area 
   Town of CoIonie Albany County NY Jan 1 I900 Albany 2 fig 8 NYS Archive 

Haslett, William, "Shakerism Unmasked..." p. 141

**** NYS Archives - NYS Library Special Collections *** AFM-22, Reel 46, NYS Library, Western Reserve Collection AFM-22 AFM-22, #298 DAB AFM 22, #300, WF Journal AFM-22, Reel 46 #298, David's Journal AFM-22, reel 5 AFM-22, reel 5, #392 AFM-22, reel 9, Church Meeting Journal -- Numbers (mostly) match WRHS volume numbers for VB CM-303 CM-303 MF CM-304 NF CM-315 CM-352 CM-354 CM-454 CM-10403, Box 3, Item #4 CM 10403, No. 4 CM 13435 120 CM-16877 Ann Buckingham Journal
Western Reserve Historical Society : Shaker Manuscripts Next to a reference is listed related family: CF-Church, NF-North, SF-South, WF-West II: A-14, reel 5 III A-14 III A-14, reel 14 III A-3 III A-5, reel 14 III A-24 III B-35 SF III B-35 III B-36 III B-38 III B-43 Series V - Sub-series B [Details] VB-219 VB-279, reel 44 VB-281 CF VB-300 VB-303 NF VB-304 NF VB-305 CF, SF VB-306 SF, SF Journal-Issachar Bates VB-307 SF VB-308 NF, SF VB-309 SF VB-310 SF VB-311 SF VB-312, Ann Buckingham Journals, CF. SF VB-313 SF VB-314 SF VB-315 CF Journal-Polly Vedder, SF VB-316, Ann Buckingham's (PAB) Ministry Journal VB 321 CF-DAB VB-322, Journal of Inspirations, Reel 47 VB-324 SF, WF VB-325 NF, SF, WF VB-326 WF Blase VB-327 CF VB-327 CF Mtg Journal VB-333 WF VB-334, Groveland Journal VB-338 CF-DAB VB-341, reel 48 VB-342 VB-343 WF Blase VB-347 NF VB-348 SF VB-349 SF VB-350 SF Graves VB-351 SF Graves VB-352 SF, WF VB-353 SF VII: B-276 WR VII: B-279 Western Reserve Membership file Western Reserve reel 2 Western Reserve reel 14 Western Reserve reel 16 Odd: (either scan errors or typos) VBM-321 CF-DAB VBM-326 WF VBM-338 CF VCB-316, PAB's Ministry Journal VN-306 SF VB-3Q6.SF -> VB306 ** Family references *** CF CF deacon CF Meeting Journal CF Trustee CF, Turner CF-Vedder CF, Vedder Ch. Dibble WF WF 325 WF WFJ WF Journal McDonald WF Journal-Rachel McDonald Errors: YB-279 CN-303, NF Journal