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Zion's Traiders: Traveling to the Shaker west Carol Medlicott 2008 Show
Putting Sodus Shaker Village: an the Map Walter Brumm 2008 Show
The Story of Harvard Shaker Sister Susan Channel (1809 -1880) Roben Campbell 2008 Show
Mount Lebanon's Gifts to the Western New York Shakers Stephen Paterwic 2008 Show
Dance Film Viewing and Commentary: We Find No Harm in Dancing Mary Ann Haagen 2009 Show
Visitors' Changing Views of the Shakers: 1780-1897 Glendyne Wergland 2009 Show
Daughter of the Shakers: The Story of Eleanor Brooks Fairs Johanne Grewell 2009 Show
Shakers Among the Communes Brian Bixby 2009 Show
Cummings and Goings: The Impact of Shakerism on the Edward Cummings Family Mary Ann Haagen 2009 Show
Why They Look Different: Barn Building at Enfield and Canterbury, NH, 1853-1859 Lauren Stiles 2009 Show
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