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Reflections on a Second Edition of the Shaker Experience Stephen J. Stein 2005 Show
Laboring in the Valley of God's Pleasure: Work, Life and Community at North Union, Ohio Peter Hoehnle 2005 Show
40 Years of Pursuing Shaker in Ohio Chuck Miller 2005 Show
The Evolution of the Shaker Garden Seed Industry at New Lebanon, 1790-1890 Dr M Stephen Miller 2005 Show
I will Bow and Be Faithful: The White Water Shakers and their Meetinghouse Richard Spence 2005 Show
The 1974 Hodapp Auction and White Water Shaker Furniture Hanlin Bavely 2005 Show
Creating Community at Union Village Cheryl Bauer 2005 Show
Struggle of Tears: The Shakers and Bedle Station John Zimkus 2005 Show
North Union and the Darrow Connection Cathi Winans 2005 Show
The Factory: The Woolen Mills of Watervliet, Ohio Bill Mooney 2005 Show
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