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The Canaan Shaker Anna Mary Dunton 1980A Town historian, Canaan, NY Show
Introduction to Shirley site tour Meredith Marcinkewicz 1994 Tour guide for Shirley Shaker Site. Former president of Shirley Historical Society Show
Walk to Harvard Holy Hill Erhart Muller 1981 Tour director; Harvard, MA Show
Shaker Furniture of Harvard and Shirley Kitty and Philip Finkelpearl 1987 Tour director and professional artist; reside in Harvard, MA Shaker building Show
Tour of Shirley, MA Correctional Instution Shaker buildings Sandy Famsworth 1981 Tour director and professional artist Show
A Shaker Family Story and Case Study Ann Sayers 2014 The Wicks Saga Show
Harvard Shaker Village Tours Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gaewicke 1994 The Square House hosts Show
The Highway of the Pleasant Hill Shakers Elsa Wachter 2015 The Kentucky River Show
Shaker Originated Fruits and Vegetable Varieties Darryl Thompson 1996 Supervisor in training at Canterbury Shaker Village Show
Biographical Insights: Views of Several Shakers from the Tyringham Shaker Community Kyle Roberts 1990 Student of Shaker History; Volunteer intern at The Museum at Lower Shaker Village, Enfield, NH Show
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