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The Economic Base of the Maine Shakers: The Community Industries Dr. M. Stephen Miller 2004 Show
The American Revolution and Maine Shakers Who Served Leonard Brooks 2004 Show
Transcribing Calvin Green Molly Gower 2004 Show
Dear Elder Brother: Ernest F. McGregor's 1904 Correspondence with the Shakers Christian Goodwillie 2004 Show
The Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom: Sacred Scripture from Holy Mother Wisdom, Paulina Bates--and Calvin Green Dr. Jane Crosthwaite 2004 Show
Welcome; Opening Remarks Christian Goodwillie 2006 Show
The Photographs of Sister Olive Hayden, a Multimedia Presentation Adriana de la Cuadra 2006 Show
A Bruised Idealist: David Lamson's Quest for Utopia Peter Hoehnle 2006 Show
Clair of Hancock Shaker Village, a Documentary Film Presentation Gary Leveille 2006 Show
Shaker Visits to Rich Men's Barns: Shaker Interest in Estate Farms Lauren Stiles 2006 Show
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