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Shakerism Detected, Developed, and Defended: James Smith, First Apostate of the West. Christian Goodwillie 2007 Show
Shaker Pleasant Hill and the Swedish Perfectionists of Bishop Hill John Norton 2007 Show
A Meeting of Angels: Thomas Merton and the Shakers. Dr. Paul M Pearson 2007 Show
Making From Shaker Lands and Shaker Hands: Adventures andMisadventures M Stephen Miller 2007 Show
Twin Visions: Shakers and the Oneida Community Peter Hoehnle- What's Love Gat to Do With It?: The Oneida Community, 1838 Giles Wayland and Tony Smith and Wonderley 2008 Show
The A ~ Shaker Collection: Saving a Culture Mario S. De Pillis 2008 Show
Gather Up the Fragments: The Andews Shaker Collection Christian Goodwillie 2008 Show
Put a Cap On It: Chastity and the Shaker Cap Glendyne Wergland 2008 Show
Zion's Traiders: Traveling to the Shaker west Carol Medlicott 2008 Show
Putting Sodus Shaker Village: an the Map Walter Brumm 2008 Show
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