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A Converstaion with the Shakers Sr.Mildred Barker 1985B Show
Welcome Stanley Johnson 1991 President, Livingston County Historical Society Show
All Souls Are Created Equal Starlyn D'Angelo 2010 Show
Watervliet: A History Starlyn D'Angelo 2015 Show
Fragments of Ann Lee Starlyn D' Angelo 2003 Show
Shaer Image & Influence: A UK Perspective Stephen Bowe 1995A Show
Mother Ann Lee Stephen Marini 1987 Professor of religion, Wellesley College;author Radical Sects of Revolutionary New England Show
A Shaker Song Sampler song master Stephen Marini 1994 Show
Wolves and Angels in the 'Valley of God's Pleasure ': The Shaker Era of Manifestations and the Reassertion of Outsiderho Stephen Taysom 2004 Show
The Mystery of the Great Departure at Tyringham, Unmasked! Stephen Paterwic 2006 Show
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