Topic First Last Year Area Item actions
Reminescences of Living on a Shaker Site Tour of Shaker Site at Sodus Mangan Family 1991 Host for visit to Alasa Farm Show
New Thoughts on Shaker Architecture A. Donald Emerich 1994 Student of Shaker architecture, history and culture Show
Points of View: The Exhibition of Shaker Objects in Museums Settings A. Donald Emerich 1999 Show
A Most Lamentable Tragedy Aaron Genton 2015 William Pennebaker and the 1871 Fracas at Pleasant Hill Show
The Photographs of Sister Olive Hayden, a Multimedia Presentation Adriana de la Cuadra 2006 Show
Mount Lebanon Water Works Alan Gross 2010 Show
From the Shaker Messenger to Shakers World: An Introduction Alana and K.C. Parkinson 1996 Editors, Shaker World; Manchester, CT Show
Amy Bess Miller 1984 Seminar Planning Committee Show
25 Years of Growth at Hancock Shaker Village Amy Bess Miller 1985A President, Hancock Shaker Village Show
The Shaker Herb Industry at Harvard and Shirley Amy Bess Miller 1987 Historic Shaker Preservation Award recipient; author The Best of Shaker Cooking; Hancock Shaker Village- The City of Peace, Shaker Medicinal Herbs Show
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