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Tour of Shirley, MA Correctional Instution Shaker buildings Sandy Famsworth 1981 Tour director and professional artist Show
An Initroduction to the Shaker Community at Shirley Sandy Famsworth 1987 Show
Tour guide for Shirley site tour Sandy Famsworth 1994 Show
Frederick DeZeng and the Shakers: The Utilization of Computers in Shaker Research with W.Brumm Sandra Mallula 1992 Professor of Education, Messiah College, PA Show
The Healing Gift Sabra Welch 1996 Canterbury Shaker Village Show
Tour guide for Shirley tour Ruth Rhonemus 1994 President of Shirley Historical Society Show
Old Enfield, CT, Through Visitor's Eyes Ruth Von Euw 1990 Student of Shaker history Show
The Millerites and the Shakers Ruth Von Euw 1992 Retired elementary school teacher Show
Decision, Decliine and Departure of the Enfield, CT Shakers Ruth Von Euw 1999 Show
RoseMary Lawson 1984 Seminar Planning Committee Show
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