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The Humble Heart a pageant of Shaker Verse and Song Roger Hall 1981 Show
The Happy Journey- Scenes and Songs of the Early Shakers Roger Hall 1982 Show
The Somple Gift of Shaker Drawings and Song Roger Hall 1984 Seminar Planning Committee Show
Roger Hall 1985B Seminar Music Consultant Show
Blended Together: The Simple Gifts of Shaker Music Roger Hall 1987 Seminar Music Consultant Show
Enfield, NH Shaker Articfats Robert H. leavitt 1989 Show
Welcome and Introduction to Fruitlands Robert Farwell 1994 Director, Fruitlands Museums Show
Living with Shaker: The Hamilton Collection Robert Hamilton 1994 Collector of Shaker furniture Show
Panel Discussion An Introduction to the World of On-line Auctions Robert Hamilton 1999 Show
Enfield NH Shakers Robert Leavitt 1978 Lebanon, NH town historian Show
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