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Welcome Vicki Sand 1984 Director, Shaker Museum, Old Chathman, NY Show
Host for A Converstaion with Faith Andrews Vicki Sand 1985A Show
Shaker in the Museum Collection from the Hancock Bishopric Vicki Sand 1990 Director, Shaker Museum, Old Chatham, NY Show
The Last Shaker Apostate Thomas Sakmyster 2015 Augustus Wager Show
The Shaker Broom Making Industry at Watervliet, NY Paul Russell 1995B Environmental Conservation Specialist, Colonie, NY Show
Miranda Barber's Book of Prophetic Visions Maggie Rosenblatt 2012 Show
Shaker Design...Shaker Images Paul Rocheleau 1987 Professional photographer; Shaker Design: Richmond, MA Show
Welcome to newly constructed Moses Johnson Shaker Meeting House Dana Robes 1992 Dana Robes Wood Craftsmen, Enfield, NH Show
Biographical Insights: Views of Several Shakers from the Tyringham Shaker Community Kyle Roberts 1990 Student of Shaker History; Volunteer intern at The Museum at Lower Shaker Village, Enfield, NH Show
Hostory of Poland Spring Mel Robbins 1985B Proprietor, The Inn at Poland Spring, ME Show
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