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Seminar Music Coordinator Dale Spencer 1999 Show
A Patter of Patterson: Shaker Music from East to West to East Dale Spencer 2001 Shaker Seminar Music Coordinator Show
Design consultant and host Richard Spence 1986 Shaker map specialist; Cincinnati, OH Show
White Water Village AN Illustrated History Richard Spence 1993 Graphics consultant; historian for Hamilton Country Park District Co-author Maps of the Shaker West Show
The Farmer's Art: The Arricultural Architecture of the Shakers Richard Spence 1997 Show
Shaker Barns of South Union and Pleasant Hill Rich Spence 2001 Show
I will Bow and Be Faithful: The White Water Shakers and their Meetinghouse Richard Spence 2005 Show
Variations on Shaker Design: Creating an Intentional Community in an Undergraduate Classroom Marjorie Snipes 2012 Show
Twin Visions: Shakers and the Oneida Community Peter Hoehnle- What's Love Gat to Do With It?: The Oneida Community, 1838 Giles Wayland and Tony Smith and Wonderley 2008 Show
The Groveland Fountain Stone Story Betty Smith 1991 Treasurer, Livingston County Historical Society Show
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