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God's Lovely Vineyard: An Intimate Look at the Harvard and Shirley Shakers Suzanne R. Thurman 2003 Show
The Shaker Pottery Industry: Adding Another Industry to the Shakers' Repertoire Jessica Thress 2012 Show
Canterbury Shakers Bud Thompson 1982 Canterbury Shakers Village, NH Show
Tour of Canterbury Bud Thompson 1982 Show
Canterbury Shakers I Have Known Darryl Thompson 1989 Canterbury, NH Show
Shaker Originated Fruits and Vegetable Varieties Darryl Thompson 1996 Supervisor in training at Canterbury Shaker Village Show
Concer of Shakers Songs Nancy Thompson 1982 Author Child/Parent/Teacher Educational Guide; Canterbury, NH Show
A Childhood Among the Canterbury Shakers Darryl Thompson 2002 Show
Welcome to Shakertown at Pleasant Hill James Thomas 1986 Director, Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, KY Show
The Preservation of Pleasant Hill Architecture James Thomas 1997 President and CEO, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, KY Show
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