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Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill Today James C. Thomas 2001 President, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Show
Harvard Historical Society Open House Joseph Theriault 1994 President, Harvard Historical Society Show
Wolves and Angels in the 'Valley of God's Pleasure ': The Shaker Era of Manifestations and the Reassertion of Outsiderho Stephen Taysom 2004 Show
Wolves and Angels in the "Valley of God's Pleasure:' The Shaker Era of Manfestations and the Reasssertion of outsiderhood in North Union, Ohio 1838-1845 Steve Taysom 2005 Show
Shaker Spinning Wheels Michael Taylor 1979 Co-author American Spinning Wheels; Marietta, GA Show
Is There a Distinctive Weatern Shaker Perspective? Michael Taylor 1980B Show
Shaker Views on Perfectionism Michael Taylor 1983 Show
Welcome and Recent Restoration Projects At Canterbury Shaker Village Scott Swank 1992 Director, Canterbury Shaker Village Show
Restoration in Prgress at Canerbury Shaker Village Tour Scott Swank 1992 Author, A Shaker Family Album with D. Starbuck Show
Welcome to Canterbury Shaker Village Scott Swank 1996 President, Canterbury Shaker Village, NH Show
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