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Dale Spencer 1993 Seminar Associate Director Show
Dale Spencer 1997 South Union Program Coordinator Show
Clara Staunton 1995B Seminar Program Planning Committee Show
Diana Van Kolken 1983 Seminar Associate Director Show
Diana Van Kolken 1994-8 Seminar Planning Committee Show
Herb Wisbey 1985B Seminar Planning Committee Show
"Clarice Carr and the Enfield Shaker Singers: Creating a Popular Audience for Shaker Music" Will Moore 2002 Show
"Shaker Poplarware & Other Fancy Works" with M.Gibbs Galen Beale 1996 Author, The Earth Shall Blossom with M. Boswell Show
"The Marvellous Outpouring: " Mother Ann's Work at Tyringham Deborah Bums 2000 Show
"The Wakefield Dancers" A program of the 19th century music & dance Tom Bohrer 1991 Director, Wakefield Dancers Show
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