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The Shaker barn Theatre Renee and Gordon Stanley 1984 Show
The Shaker and The Amish Constantine Kermes 1996 Artist in residence for Exhibition of Paintings and Prints at the Museum at Lower Shaker Village Show
The Savoy Shakers: Revisting the Shaker Society at Savoy David D. Newell 1999 Show
The Savoy Shakers David D. Newell 1982 Show
The Sabbathday Lake Shaker Trading Routes Nancy Hillenberg 1988 Show
The Sabbath day Lake Shakers and the Rickers of the Poland Spring Hotel: A Scrapbook History Michael Graham 2004 Show
The Roots of Shaker Pacificsm Laerence W. Belle 1991 Dean of Continuing Education, Rochester Inst. of Technology Show
The Rise of Pleasant Hill Thomas D. Clark 1979 History Professor Emeritus, Univ. of KY Show
The Return of Clair, of Hancock Shaker Village, A Roughly Edited Film Presentation of Raw Footage Christian Goodwillie 2006 Show
The Restoration Projects of Pleasant Hill Jean Dones 1988 Show
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