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Today, Today is My Own Time Susan Eisenhandler 2010 Show
Through Abraham's Eyes: the New Hampshire Bishopric in the 19th Century Mary Ann Haagen 2002 Show
Thoreau , Emerson, Alcott: What was Trancendentalism Fran Kramer 1994 Show
The Whitewater Shaker Community Steve Kistler 1986 Cincinnatie, OH Show
The Virtual White Water Shaker Village Jose Kozan 2005 Show
The Valley Forge Group and the Shakers Steve Paterwic 1992 Show
The Story of Harvard Shaker Sister Susan Channel (1809 -1880) Roben Campbell 2008 Show
The Spirit of Speculation: The North Enfield Industries of the Enfield Shakers Galen Beale 2002 Show
The Somple Gift of Shaker Drawings and Song Roger Hall 1984 Seminar Planning Committee Show
The Sodus Shaker Community;Shaker values & Land Acquisition Walter Brumm 1985A Mechanicsburg, PA Show
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