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Mother Against Mother Ilyon Woo 2010 Show
Today, Today is My Own Time Susan Eisenhandler 2010 Show
All Souls Are Created Equal Starlyn D'Angelo 2010 Show
Identifying Index of American Design Photographs 1935-36 Lesley Herzberg 2010 Show
Partake a Little Morsel Carol Medlicott 2010 Show
Dance Film Viewing and Commentary: We Find No Harm in Dancing Mary Ann Haagen 2009 Show
Visitors' Changing Views of the Shakers: 1780-1897 Glendyne Wergland 2009 Show
Daughter of the Shakers: The Story of Eleanor Brooks Fairs Johanne Grewell 2009 Show
Shakers Among the Communes Brian Bixby 2009 Show
Cummings and Goings: The Impact of Shakerism on the Edward Cummings Family Mary Ann Haagen 2009 Show
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