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Gather Up the Fragments: The Andews Shaker Collection Christian Goodwillie 2008 Show
Put a Cap On It: Chastity and the Shaker Cap Glendyne Wergland 2008 Show
Zion's Traiders: Traveling to the Shaker west Carol Medlicott 2008 Show
Putting Sodus Shaker Village: an the Map Walter Brumm 2008 Show
The Story of Harvard Shaker Sister Susan Channel (1809 -1880) Roben Campbell 2008 Show
Mount Lebanon's Gifts to the Western New York Shakers Stephen Paterwic 2008 Show
Persevering to Gain Perfection: Two Hundred Years at South Union at Centre Family Dwelling Tommy Hines 2007 Show
Tour of Gasper River Camp Meeting Ground Matthew Cook 2007 Show
Now by my motion': Issachar Bates and the Creation of an Imagined Community in the Shaker West." at Centre Family Dwelli Carol Medlicott 2007 Show
Recent Architectural and Archaeological Discoveries at South Union" at Centre Family Dwelling Tommy and Matthew Hines and Cook 2007 Show
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