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The Birth, Life and Death of Olive Branch Vern Squire 2009 Show
From Mary Magdalene to the Beloved Elders in the Church at Shirley: Bearing for the Dead, Conversations In Heaven... Jane Crosthwaite 2009 Show
Picturing a Shaker Village: How the Public Imagined the Shaker Landscape in 1835 Rob Emlen 2009 Show
Canterbury Takes the Lead Steve Paterwic 2009 Show
Opening the Gospel: A Faithful Walk Sharon Koomler 2005 Show
Wolves and Angels in the "Valley of God's Pleasure:' The Shaker Era of Manfestations and the Reasssertion of outsiderhood in North Union, Ohio 1838-1845 Steve Taysom 2005 Show
Preliminary Results of the Archaeological and Archival Investigation of the North Family Lot at Union Village, Ohio Bruce Aument 2005 Show
The Virtual White Water Shaker Village Jose Kozan 2005 Show
Reflections on a Second Edition of the Shaker Experience Stephen J. Stein 2005 Show
Laboring in the Valley of God's Pleasure: Work, Life and Community at North Union, Ohio Peter Hoehnle 2005 Show
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