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The Shaker Pottery Industry: Adding Another Industry to the Shakers' Repertoire Jessica Thress 2012 Show
Partake a Little Morsel Carol Medlicott 2010 Show
Shaker Your Place Sister Frances Carr 2014 Show
Exploring The Visionist Rachel Urquhart 2014 Show
Watervliet: A History Starlyn D'Angelo 2015 Show
Domestic Broils and Shaker Toils Elizabeth DeWolfe 2010 Show
Hancock Shaker Village Steve Paterwic 2010 Show
HSV Green Tour: Yesterday and Today Todd Burdick 2010 Show
Witchcraft and the Shakers Wilson Ferguson 2010 Show
Black Shaker Minstrels and the Comic Performance of Shaker Worship Rob Emlen 2010 Show
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