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The Archaeological Work at the While Water Shaker Site Donald Janzen 1993 Archaeologist for Hamilton Country Park District Cincinnati, OH Show
Archaeological Explorations at Pleasent Hill with K.McBride Donald Janzen 1993 Show
Mill Site Tour Donald Janzen 1993 Show
Flax Production at South Union, KY with J.Jefrey Donna Parker 1993 Exhibits curator, KY Museum, Western KY Univ. Bowling Green, KY Show
Ho! For Drakes Creek Donna Parker 1997 Show
Created Equal: Slavery and the Pleasant Hill Shakers. Donna Phillips 2007 Show
Acquistion, Restoration and Furniting of Shaker Trustess Building with S. Bolger Doris Hoot 1991 Chief Curator, Genesee Country Museum Show
The Shaker Cloak Industry Doris Mazurek 1987 Shaker Facsimiles; Holland, MI Show
The Murder of Caleb Dyer Doug Leitch 1992 Conservation technician, NH Newspaper Project of Dartmouth College, NH Show
Shaker Light Dough Leitch 1989 Show
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