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The Savoy Shakers David D. Newell 1982 Show
The Savoy Shakers: Revisting the Shaker Society at Savoy David D. Newell 1999 Show
Canterbury Archaeology David R. Starbucks 1982 Archaeologist, Univ. of NH Show
No Sex, No Drugs, No Rock n Roll: What Else Can We Say About Shaker Celibacy? Dawn Bakken 2000 Show
Herbs at Pleasant Hill Debbie Pope 1979 Show
An introduction to the forthcoming revision of Amy Bess Miller's Book Shaker Medicinal Herbs Deborah Burns 1998 Show
Tyringham Mysteries Deborah Burns 1990 Author of Cities of Peace, Love & Union Show
Shaker Cities of Peace, LOve & Union Deborah Burns 1999 Show
Images of the Cities of Peace, Love & Union Deborah Burns 1999 Show
"The Marvellous Outpouring: " Mother Ann's Work at Tyringham Deborah Bums 2000 Show
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