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Host for A Converstaion with Faith Andrews Vicki Sand 1985A Show
Shaker in the Museum Collection from the Hancock Bishopric Vicki Sand 1990 Director, Shaker Museum, Old Chatham, NY Show
Ann Lee As Seen From a British Perspective Vern Squire 2001 Show
The Birth, Life and Death of Olive Branch Vern Squire 2009 Show
Recent Architectural and Archaeological Discoveries at South Union" at Centre Family Dwelling Tommy and Matthew Hines and Cook 2007 Show
Shakertown Museum Tommy Hines 1993 Exec. Director, Shakertown at South Union, KY Show
South Union-It's Past, It's Preservation, It's Progress Tommy Hines 1997 Seminar Program Planning Committee Show
Point-Counterpoint: A Comparison of South Union and Pleasent Hill Shaker Furniture with L.Currie Tommy Hines 1997 Show
Recognition and Recollection: The Scattering of South Union's History, 1903-1922 Tommy Hines 2001 Show
Persevering to Gain Perfection: Two Hundred Years at South Union at Centre Family Dwelling Tommy Hines 2007 Show
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