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Religous Communism in America Herb Wisbey 1975 Founder and Director, Elmira College Shaker Seminar; Professor Emeritus Elmira College; Author, The Sodus Shaker Community: Horse-heads, NY Show
Shaker Spiritualism Herb Wisbey 1975 Show
Shaker Celibacy Herb Wisbey 1976 Show
The Shakers and Other Religous Communal Groups Herb Wisbey 1977 Show
Frederick Evans Herb Wisbey 1977 Show
Sodus-Groveland Shakers Herb Wisbey 1978 Show
Shaker Spiritualism and Fountain Stones Herb Wisbey 1978 Show
The Shakers of Georgia and Florida Herb Wisbey 1979 Show
The Shakers - Where They Were and What's Left Herb Wisbey 1980A Show
Some Obserevations of Visitors to Mt. Lebanon Herb Wisbey 1980A Show
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