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The Month of the Roses Susan Eisenhandler 2015 Late 19th century changes in Thinking about flowers and gardens. Show
Watervliet: A History Starlyn D'Angelo 2015 Show
The Last Shaker Apostate Thomas Sakmyster 2015 Augustus Wager Show
Shaker 1815 Medicinal Recipes Kerry Hackett 2015 An Investigation into their use Show
A Most Lamentable Tragedy Aaron Genton 2015 William Pennebaker and the 1871 Fracas at Pleasant Hill Show
The Highway of the Pleasant Hill Shakers Elsa Wachter 2015 The Kentucky River Show
A Shaker Family Story and Case Study Ann Sayers 2014 The Wicks Saga Show
Aaron Copland and "Simple Gifts" Roger Lee Hall 2014 A Shaker song re-discovered Show
And So I Keep My Way Ever Holy Br Arnold Hadd 2014 An Overview of Shakerism Show
Shaker Your Place Sister Frances Carr 2014 Show
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