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South Union Ministry Shop Restoration Christian Goodwillie 2001 Hancock Shaker Village Collections Department Intern Show
Hike to Holy Hill Christian Goodwillie 2002 Show
Dear Elder Brother: Ernest F. McGregor's 1904 Correspondence with the Shakers Christian Goodwillie 2004 Show
Welcome; Opening Remarks Christian Goodwillie 2006 Show
The Return of Clair, of Hancock Shaker Village, A Roughly Edited Film Presentation of Raw Footage Christian Goodwillie 2006 Show
Northern Exposure: Harvey L. Eads's 1835 Musical Journey" at Centre Family Dwelling Christian Goodwillie 2007 Show
Shakerism Detected, Developed, and Defended: James Smith, First Apostate of the West. Christian Goodwillie 2007 Show
Gather Up the Fragments: The Andews Shaker Collection Christian Goodwillie 2008 Show
As Branches One Living Tree: Richard McNemar and the Music of the Shaker West Christian Goodwille 2009 Show
Dear Friend and Brother: Ernest McGregor and the Shakers Christian Goodwillie 2010 Show
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