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The History of the Sabbathday Lake and Poland Hill Shakers Br.Ted Johnson 1985B Show
A Converstaion with the Shakers Br.Ted Johnson 1985B Show
A History of the Alfred, ME, Shaker Community Br.Ted Johnson 1985B Show
Report on Research Projects Undertaken by the Society Br.Ted Johnson 1985B Show
A Comparison of the Shaker and the Benedictine Order Br.Thomas Whitaker 1979 Member of the Order of St. Benedict; resident at St. Mark's Priory, South Union, KY; author of numerous articles for The Shaker Messenger Show
Talk at South Union Br.Thomas Whitaker 1983 Show
Daniel Boler and the Mt. Lebanon, South Union, KY Shaker Connection Br.Thomas Whitaker 1984 Show
Coordinator for post-seminiar Shaker Festival at South Union, KY Br.Thomas Whitaker 1986 Show
Tour of herb gardents and herb department Br.Wayne Smith 1988 Member, Shaker Family, Sabbathday lake, ME Show
20th Century Shakerism at Canterbury Brad Fletcher 1989 Show
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