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Flawed Arcadia: Visitors Find a Place for Shaker Villages in America Brian Bixby 2006 Show
Shakers Among the Communes Brian Bixby 2009 Show
Preliminary Results of the Archaeological and Archival Investigation of the North Family Lot at Union Village, Ohio Bruce Aument 2005 Show
Canterbury Shakers Bud Thompson 1982 Canterbury Shakers Village, NH Show
Tour of Canterbury Bud Thompson 1982 Show
Conflict and Tribulations on the Frontier: The West Union Shakers Carol Medlicott 2006 Show
Now by my motion': Issachar Bates and the Creation of an Imagined Community in the Shaker West." at Centre Family Dwelli Carol Medlicott 2007 Show
Zion's Traiders: Traveling to the Shaker west Carol Medlicott 2008 Show
I'm journeying with those who I love in the flesh: Issachar Bates and the Bates Family Entry into Shaker Life Carol Medlicott 2011 Show
Partake a Little Morsel Carol Medlicott 2010 Show
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